No Man's Land 2022

Pictures and a write-up of our first event of 2022 - "No Man's Land" held at Bodrhyddan Hall in Clwyd, North Wales

On the weekend of the 22nd - 23rd April, the Magister Militum team consisting of Ross, Tony, and Daniel headed down to Bodrhyddan Hall in North Wales to take part in the event “No Man's Land” - a multi-period event held by re-enactors in support of the armed forces, held in the shadow of a 17th century hall and nestled amongst some truly beautiful scenery. 

Previously a show dedicated to World War One and World War Two re-enactment, the event this year expanded for the first time to include all periods of history, and with showings from Ancient Greece through to Colonial-era British and American troops in attendance the variety of the kits on display proved a roaring success, with plenty of happy visitors on both days. 

We ourselves had a great time joining our friends from Legio VIII Augusta MGV Roman Living History Society in the Roman artillery display, where they kindly allowed us to borrow their smaller Xanten ballista for a friendly shooting competition between the early and late period Romans (some practice may be needed on our own end in the future!); we also took the opportunity to semi-formally present our group member Tony with a letter penned by the emperor Julian (by Nicholas Geering of Scriptorium Labarum) promoting him from the role of tribune (regimental leader) of the ioviani seniores to the esteemed role of magister peditum (general of foot), and all the fun responsibilities such a promotion entails (photos taken by Dave Foster of the VIII Legion). 

Overall it was a superb weekend with plenty of interested public, many of whom recognised us as representing the later Roman army and came over with engaging questions about the kit and general history of the period. It was great to meet up with old friends and make a few new ones as well. Very much a great event, and we're looking forward hugely to the next one in 2023. 

Keep your eyes on the events page if you're looking to see us in the future!

No Man's Land 2022
Ross Cronshaw
By Ross Cronshaw