Pertuaria Revisted

Petuaria was the Roman name given to Brough on Humber in East Yorkshire, and in 2021 saw the Romans return.

The Burrs playing field, Brough, The Burrs Playing Fields Brough HU15 1DT

In July, the Pertuaria Revisted team hosted delegations from Roman groups around the UK to visit the site and engage in a series of living history and arena displays for the local public. 

On the site of Roman ruins dating from the original occupation through to at least the 3rd Century AD, the site was likely both a settlement and a milecastle for Roman citizens, military personnel, and local peoples alike. 

Magister Militum were privileged to attend alongside friends in Britannia and the VI Legion Eboracum. 

The Burrs playing field, Brough
The Burrs Playing Fields Brough HU15 1DT