No Man's Land Multi-Period 2023

Magister Militum return to the Welsh countryside for another year of No Man's Land Multi-Period fun, organised by the Axis-Allied team!

Bodrhyddan Hall, Dyserth Road, Rhuddlan, Rhyl, LL18 5SB

On Easter Weekend in 2022, group members Ross, Tony, and Dan made their way down to Rhyll in Wales in order to attend the No Man's Land Multi-Period event for the first time. 

This well-established event, previously playing host to First and Second World War re-enactment, opened their applications to members from Ancients and Medieval groups through to early Modern in order to create a complete menagerie of periods to entertain and educate the public with. Heading down with our usual small-scale set up with just three members, we were happily joined by our colleagues at the VIII Legio Augusta Living History Society and spent two days chatting Romans with some engaging and polite members of the public (as well as taking the time to play with the VIII's ballista set-up during the show). A fantastic time was had by all, and we eagerly awaited the next event. 

Fast forward to April this year, when Magister Militum will be returning to the site - this time with both a bigger contingent and an affilliate one. Joining our usual line-up will be newcomers to the group Callum and Stan as well as our erstwhile friend and colleague, the inimitable Francis Hagan of the Barcarii. Alongside MM and the VIII Augusta this year will also be auxiliary cohort group the Tungrians and the XX Legio Deva Victrix, both fantastic groups with superb and unique displays. 

Head along to catch us presenting living history and camp life during the Allemanic Wars of Julian, alongside our fellow (albeit early) Roman colleagues, and get a glimpse of other historical periods from the Vikings through to the Second World War.

Bodrhyddan Hall
Dyserth Road, Rhuddlan, Rhyl, LL18 5SB