No Man's Land

A multi-period re-enactment event held by re-enactors for re-enactors

Bodrhyddan Hall, Bodrhyddan Hall Clwyd North Wales

First held in 2019 with a focus on World War One and World War Two, the event housd over 300 participants giving them room to expand into multi-periods in 2022. The 2019 event saw the largest diversity of WW1 nationalities portrayed in the UK at 8, and 5 different nations in the WW2 displays, both of which the organisers hope to increase upon into the 2022 event. 

Magister Militum are therefore eager to attend as Romans, alongside other participants of the earlier periods. 

The event promises to provide full facilites, including toilets, food catering, militaria and re-enactment traders, and a fully-stocked real ale tent. Each day promises to provide firing demonstrations of historical weaponry for the public. 

Bodrhyddan Hall
Bodrhyddan Hall Clwyd North Wales