Malton Museum Roman Festival

A Roman Festival held in Malton by the Malton Roman Museum

Malton Museum, 36 Yorkersgate Malton YO17 7AB

A Roman Festival held in the town of Malton, Yorkshire, on the site of the original Roman fort of Derventio, built under orders of governor Agricola. The site remained occupied for nearly 300 years, and was the home of a dedicated jet jewellery foundry. 

Come along to see cavalry displays by Equistry riding group, and Magister Militum present a full living history camping display as well as scheduled demonstrations of kit throughout the ages in the main arena during the day. Traders and stalls will also be situated along the route of the fort's original roads, so come along to enjoy a day surrounded by Romans inside the site of an original Roman fort! 

Malton Museum
36 Yorkersgate Malton YO17 7AB